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SelfMon IP Monitoring Platform - Push + Email + SMS + Voice + URL


Self Monitoring. From £1 a month for Galaxy systems with E080/A083/LCE-01 Modules

  • Please register above to create a new monitoring account
  • Once registered, you can add funds to your account via Paypal. After funds have been added, then you are automatically assigned a control panel account number and the menu system is enabled.
  • The service costs a minimum of £1 a month which includes any combination of messages up to that value. That's up to 20 SMS for your £1 monthly payment
  • Email notifications are free - these are generally slower than SMS
  • Push notifications are free - We advise still including SMS and Voice for high priority events
  • SMS costs just 5p per message - much cheaper than the 17p dial up or BT's new system at 17p
  • Priority Events via Automated Voice cost just 15p per message - reliability for urgent events
  • Configurable event recipients
  • Event filtering to ignore or direct certain types of events to specific recipients
  • Hourly test signal monitoring
  • Dynamic Domain Name for iPhone & Android apps
  • Printable PDF Invoices - See FAQ for details.
    -Cancel your account at any time
    -Systems must be equipped with LCE-01 or E080-2 (Version 2.08 or 2.11) or E080-4 (Version 3.6) E080-8 (Version 4.03) E080-10 (V4.10) IP modules
    -Chiron Modules are not currently compatible
    -NON UK SMS recipient numbers are £0.10 per message as these SMS originate from the US
    - E080-8 modules available for £125 delivered (normally £195 trade).
      Contact admin@sm-alarms.co.uk for a Paypal invoice.